Monday, 23 March 2009

It’s been a while

My head has been so full of thoughts about jobs, horses, moving to the country, preparing for interviews and all manner of others things best not published, that I haven’t really had the time or inspiration to sit down and write.

I have an interview tomorrow for a job I don’t really want and instead of working on my 10 minute presentation; I am inventing new ways to waste time. Meanwhile, Husband is dutifully cooking me dinner as he labours under the misapprehension that I am conscientiously working on formulating appropriate answers to innane interview questions. So far I have:

Q: “What can you bring to this role?”
A: “Cakes, laced with Baileys. And a catalogue of stain removal knowledge”

Q: “What is your greatest strength?”
A: “My sense of humour, obviously. But you wouldn’t appreciate it as you clearly don’t have one of your own”

Q: “What interests you about this role?”
A: “Not much, but it was fun using all the transport types available in London to get here this morning”

Q: “Tell me about yourself”
A: “I am a highly organised and efficient housewife. I have domestic OCD but still forget to feed the cats occasionally. I don’t like mornings and cannot attend meetings before 10:00am. I especially like to plan things and then get other people to do them. And I would rather spend time with my horse than anything else in the world”.

Not bad for an evenings work huh? I think I am prepared. In fact, I am sure to wow them with my winning smile and ready answers. The truth of it is that I am petrified of getting adverse feedback (fear leads to inertia) and it affecting my confidence for The Big Interview next week. This is the one that matters, the one I have pinned all my hopes on, on which my plans for a New and Improved Life are hinged. Once I have gotten through that I should be able to focus on other things again. Which will be a great relief. I haven’t managed to use the Word of the Day for ages now and I believe that the mantle needs dusting.

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